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Our Products

We fuel the Industries for Innovative Excellence by Natural Rubber solutions.

Today ASR is an honoured manufacturer and exporter of the national crop, Natural Rubber as an industrial raw material. We are specialized in fulfilling individual demands in a very wide market which comprised of various industries across Globe. Modern requirements of the market motivate us to be constantly innovative and research-oriented so we may produce specific products that are high in quality and long-lasting.

Every product is developed following intense research, trend analysis and a rigorous experimentation.

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merryrub 220
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Excellence In Quality

At ASR our quality systems are applied across the whole organization in order to maximize efficiency and deliver value for money. In doing so we are able to benchmark quality in a system where high-standards are woven into the fabric of our value chain.

All our tests are in line with ISO Standards.
Maintenance & regular services of machinery and equipment are carried out at fixed intervals securing smooth functioning in the manufacturing process.

Sourcing Raw material
All the incoming raw material are tested and samples are drawn from critical steps to maintain the quality of production process.

All materials are scanned for metal contamination with the help of Metal Detector prior to packaging.

Our wooden pallets are conformed to ISPM 15 regulations and fumigated prior to shipment. Metal Pallets & Plastic Pallets are available on Customer’s request.

Certificate of Analysis
Each consignment leaves our premises with a Certificate of Analysis which is testament to the value we place in providing high quality rubbers. A sample of each consignment is stored for a period as per customer’s requirement.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in ASR Group. We welcome all your valuable feedbacks & suggestions which will be helpful for progress of the business that will enrich prosperity of the Globe.

Please feel free to contact us by simply filling out the form, or reaching us on our hot line. Thank you for your valuable time contributing towards sustainable growth of the Planet through our Organization.

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