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We are proud to serve a diverse portfolio of industries worldwide.

The power to evolve while embracing dynamic market conditions gives us the strength to innovate. It requires intense research, experiment and commitment to develop high grades of Natural Rubber. The foremost elements like precision and quality of ASR operations help secure the growing demand. This is how ASR stays ahead of the game with challenging global demand.

The following are the industries we cater to;

Rubber for adhesives industries
Rubber for arospace industries
Rubber for automotive industries
Rubber for marine industries
Rubber for healthcare industries
Rubber for medical industries
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Rubber for energy industries


Adhesives are widely used in industrial and domestic level. The important features required for the Adhesive products demand priorities such as polymer structure, polarity and surface properties respectively. With constant research we produce a broad range of compatible and versatile Natural Rubber solutions for each application in the adhesive industry, which grant speedy and efficient bonding mechanism.

Our product range for Adhesive industry:

Merryrub 220
Merryrub 220ADS
Merryrub 240
Merryrub ZNO
Merryrub HG30
Merryrub HG49
Merryrub 440B
Merryrub LNR
Merryrub PLNR
Merryrub PPN
Merryrub PPN CV
Merryrub 1000L
Merryrub 1003
Merryrub 1005
Merryrub 12F
Merryrub 150
Merryrub 112
Merryrub 12Y
Merryrub 1205
Merryrub 501FZ
Merryrub 503FZ
Merryrub 501Z
Merryrub 110
Merryrub 100
Merryrub VLNR50
Merryrub 707ADS
Merryrub 16F
Merrytex 60HA
Merrytex 60LA
Merrytex 40PVL
Merrytex 50PVL
Merrytex HG30
Merrytex HG49
Merrytex 40PPN
Merrytex 50PPN

Adhesive Applications of Natural Rubber:

Pharmaceutical, foot ware, wood, Carpet industry, Ceramic & Glass, Flooring, Binding for grinding Wheels, Water proofing, Metal to Rubber bonding, fabric, paints, Electrical insulations, Transparent adhesives, epoxy adhesives, Leather bonding, UV resistant adhesives, Wall Cladding, Vinyl sheeting, Pressure sensitive adhesives, Roofing, Acoustic, general purpose etc.

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