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ASR offers a range of natural rubber products in that caters to consumer, industrial and medical requirements. Our portfolio is a result of consistent market information and trend analysis, idea generation, product research, testing and response to product & industry life cycles.

ASR’s own brand ─Merryrub HG30 is a high quality modified natural rubber and its product range is as follows:

* MERRYRUB 220B- superior processing ads blankets
* MERRYRUB 220/250 - superior processing 20/50
* MERRYRUB 280 - superior processing PA 80
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ASR is registered with the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, The Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Industries, Science and Technology. We are a member of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Colombo Rubber Traders’ Association, Colombo Rubber Buyer’s Association and the Plastic & Rubber Institute.
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At ASR we believe that healthy businesses thrive in healthy communities. And for this, integrating sustainability into the way we do business is an initiative that we actively engage in. A management approach that is collaborative, proactive and sustainability-minded across the value chain has enabled ASR to become the entity it is today.
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NR in sheet forms are the oldest and the most popular type. Being the simplest and easiest to produce on a small scale
Crepe is a crinkly lace rubber, obtained when coagulated latex or any form of field coagulam (tree lace, shell scrap,.
Dry natural rubber graded or the bases of technical parameters are called Technically Specified Rubbers.
Latex is the thin stretchy material obtained by processing the sap of rubber plants.