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Yatideriya Rubber Factory owned by Associated Speciality Rubbers (ASR) is located at an elevation of 300m above sea level, and strategically located in a Natural rubber producing area in the beautiful town of Undugoda, Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka. ASR is a leading manufacturer & exporter of Natural Rubber Speciality Grades. Yatideriya Rubber Factory was originally established by a Scottish in 1909. The facility came under the management of ASR Chairman Mr. M.T.Kamardeen in 1986. The parent Company of ASR Associated Traders was found in 1955 by Mr.H.L.M. Thowfeek, father of the present Chairman. Associated Traders exported conventional rubber grades. In 1986 ASR was set up to manufacture speciality Natural rubber grades and Technically Specified Rubber grades to cater to the requirements of ever challenging world's high end Natural rubber related users, with the annual capacity of 9600MT. There are 250 persons employed here and 800 Farmers are married to the factory.

We are supplying to end-users in the markets of Automotive, Adhesive, pharmaceutical & medical, Engineering, Constructions, aerospace & marine, Home appliances & healthcare, Sportswear etc. At ASR, the numerous grades of rubber that we produce are result of a commitment to innovation, research, market sensing, continuous product development and sustainable practices which are to meet our stakeholder expectations.

At ASR we believe that healthy businesses thrive in healthy communities. And for this, integrating sustainability into the way we do business is an initiative that we actively engage in. A management approach that is collaborative, proactive and sustainability-minded across the value chain has enabled ASR to become the entity it is today.