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The ASR value system combines years of expertise in responding to evolving market conditions and the contemporary requirement for product innovations. As from the day of our origins, we continue in our mission to meet stakeholder expectations through continuous dedication to research and attention-to-detail. This begins from sourcing rubber latex, to processing it, testing for quality, effluent treatment and the final delivery of each product.
Our Essence
  * Vision
    "Sustainable growth by unlocking Natural rubber potentials"
  * Mission
    Constantly strive to fulfill stake holders' expectation by innovating new products and services based on the needs of our customers by periodic reviews of the marketplace and improve our offerings.
Leadership Team
Our leadership is our compass in growing within the framework of changing market conditions and macro- economic influences. The force behind our resilience, mission to towards innovation and best practices is none other than our visionary leadership team.

Mr. M.T Kamardeen Chairman & Founder
Mr. Shazni Kamardeen    Vice Chairman
Mr. Muhammed Arshad Managing Director
Mrs. Sithy Mazeena   Director Secretarial
Ms. Mallika Senehelatha Director Finance & Administration
Mr. Herald Samarasinghe Director Production

Technical Advisory
Mr. U.M.W. Hoffmann - (60 years in the NR industry)

Value Creation
We offer superior natural rubber – the basic constituent of many products used in the transportation, industrial, consumer, hygienic and medical sectors. This begins from sourcing rubber latex, processing it and converting it to a usable form, depending on market requirements.
Checklist for Excellence
The adoption and reinvention of our processes in order to optimize our value chain which, in the end, addresses the requirements of our stakeholders. Our information systems are clear, accurate, timely and relevant to our key decision makers. This way, our planning systems for sales forecasting and future trends are constantly in working order. Coupled with efficiency and control mechanisms, our continuous product development systems result in the development of new ideas and efficient testing prior to a product’s market launch, to ensure that all the rate of new product development at ASR are always relevant and acceptable and in sync with market requirements.
At ASR we believe that healthy businesses thrive in healthy communities. And for this, integrating sustainability into the way we do business is an initiative that we actively engage in. A management approach that is collaborative, proactive and sustainability-minded across the value chain has enabled ASR to become the entity it is today.
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ASR is registered with the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, The Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Industries, Science and Technology. We are a member of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Colombo Rubber Traders’ Association, Colombo Rubber Buyer’s Association and the Plastic & Rubber Institute.
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ASR’s own brand ─Merryrub HG30 is a high quality modified natural rubber and its product range is as follows:

* MERRYRUB 220B- superior processing ads blankets
* MERRYRUB 220/250 - superior processing 20/50
* MERRYRUB 280 - superior processing PA 80
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ASR offers a range of natural rubber products in that caters to consumer, industrial and medical requirements. Our portfolio is a result of consistent market information and trend analysis, idea generation, product research, testing and response to product & industry life cycles.
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